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Farm in the City - urban farmers

Grow your own

Our Farm Story


A farm has certain undisputable values. The land, nature, the fresh ingredients, home-grown produce, traditional practices and a bit of grandma’s cooking, with her secret recipes passed on from generation to generation. A farm is about nature-respecting mentality, a simple, self-sufficient, sustainable lifestyle.


Farm in the City brings the farm and all of these qualities to your home, your kitchen, balcony or terrace. It’s a seemingly contradictive idea, a unique concept, an alternative way of life, but we made it happen, just for you.


Now you can have the best of both worlds. Farm in the City is the key. Be creative, make something from scratch, feel proud with achievement, live healthily and combine urban living with natural living.



Soil & Compost

Seeds & Grow KITs

Vegetables & Mushrooms


Tools & Equipment


Organic food - Healthy diet


Farm in the City - grow your own
Farm in the City - grow your own
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