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Make your own

Food & Beverages

Farm in the City encapsulates the food movement, in a revolutionary way. It’s nature’s way, with a twist. It offers freedom, choice, quality and convenience, compatible with modern urban living. You don’t have to leave the city and move to the countryside to be able to produce your own natural and healthy foodstuffs.


Brew renowend beers with recipies and flavours from all over the world. Produce home wine from fine grape must. Enjoy a variety of natural flavoured spirits made at home!


Discover a new world of dairy productcs, including kefir. Enjoy home made ham, bacon and pickles. 


With Farm in the City, you can do it from your own home. You don’t have to rely on someone else to deliver food to your door.


Now you produce it on your own!

Beyond Food

Farm in the city is also beyond food. With out special DIY kits you will be able to make your own wax and candles for your home kept bees.


Enjoy the use of home made, olive oil based soaps and organic detergents. Make natural balms and cosmetics. 


True believers could soon be raizing thier own chickens for daily fresh egg delivery and farm animals for an unlimited supply of fresh milk for their dairy products.


Soon you could be raizing rabbits too! 

Farm in the City - homebrew


Beekeeping & Wax making

Olive oil Soap

Organic detergents



Kitchen hardware


Farm in the City - soap making
Farm in the City - canning & preserving


Beer, Wine & Spirits

Combucha & Mead

Cheese, Yoghurt, Butter, Kefir

Honey & Olive Oil

Pickling, Canning & Preserving

Cured Meats

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