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Blonde Ale BeerKit

FITC's Blonde Ale BeerKit introduces you to the creative and tasty world of homebrewing!

Everything a beginner needs to easily craft a tasty homebrew. The ingredients, the equipment as well as detailed and illustrated instructions are all packed neatly in one package. With a little effort and some patience you can create a top quality craft beer within only a month's time. Top quality European malts combined with brave American hop additions are used to create this recipe.

The Blonde Ale BeerKit gives you a refreshing low to moderate alcohol brew, golden to orange color, with a tasty malt backbone to support the delicate bouquet of citrucy American hops, a creamy white head and a hoppy and smooth finish.

An uncompromising, true "session beer" with a slight citrus flavor, that will quench your thirst!



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