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Farm in the City - urban farmers

Farm in the City is a unique food, tools & equipment brand focusing on providing DIY food producing solutions.  


We belong to the ongoing food revolution movement visible across the globe.


Joins us and start changing your eating habits now!

Lead a sustainable lifestyle by producing food locally, help the environment by reducing your personal carbon footprint and advance food production ethics on a wider scale.


Eat healthier and enjoy great tasting food!

Farm in the City - Cheesemaking

Express your creativity, involve the whole family in the process and share your produce with the ones you love.


Farm in the City educates you, empowers you with the purest of raw materials and provides you with the right tools for the job. 


Ask us!

We are experts in food technology, fermentation, dairy production, land cultivation and more!

Farm in the City - home winemaking
Farm in the City - home winemaking
Farm in the City - Urban farmer

We provide the means: videos, educational booklets, tools and raw materials.


You experience the satisfaction of Producing, Processing, Packaging and Presenting a variety of homemade foodstuffs and their by-products. 


  • Realize how easy it is to become an Urban Farmer.

  • Become a specialist on various food & drinks making techniques.

  • Enjoy tasty home produced foodstuffs.

  • Adopt a healthier lifestyle & diet.

  • Help the environment by sourcing food locally.

  • Acquire a side income by selling these foodstuffs.


Key products are our very own branded DIY KITs. Grow your own seed KITs, winemaking, beermaking, cheesemaking, honey & wax making, soap making KITs etc.


You name it, we have it!

Farm in the City is the key. It is an outlet, a way out. It’s the promise of achievement, of being creative and of delivering the unattainable allure of living in a farm in the countryside.


It’s urban living combined with natural living.

Farm in the City - rooftop farm
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